Course Level Descriptions


Droids, Drones N Bots Coding & Game Design (4 Levels)


What Specific Coding Skills & Concepts Will My Kids Learn? 

Inspired by Harvard designed Creative  Computing teaching methodology for young children, Coding Fun 4STEM offers a fun and playful way to bring the wonderfully creative world of programming to kids.

Designed primarily for K-8 graders, our core levels go from Level 0 (Kinder & 1st) to Level 4 (2nd thru 8th.) All the levels teach programming real world objects like robots as well as Block based coding of Games, Art, Stories & Animations. Each level introduces more advanced coding concepts and projects plus additional SW tools. 


Level Highlights: 

* Complexity and mastery of concepts and problem solving requirements increase at each level.

* Kids work in pairs or teams to solve given challenges and learn by collaboration, trial & error, debugging & iteration.

* Focus is on creativity and conceptual computational mastery, not coding syntax.

* No typing skills required as they will be programming by dragging graphical blocks.


Level Duration: Each level is 10 to 12 hours of class time. Levels may be offered in part 1 and part 2 to meet scheduling requirements. 

Kinder/ 1st  - Level 0 Very light & gentle intro to coding using Droids & Bots plus MIT Kinder lab’s ScratchJr drag & drop tool to program PBS Kids characters. 


Beginner  - Level 1 (Grade 2-8) Drag & Drop STEM Coding with Droids, Drones & Bots and Graphical Game Design, Animations & Interactive Storyboarding (using easy to use visual programming tools like MIT Scratch, Blockly etc.)


Intermediate  - Level 2 (Grade 2-8) Same description as Level 1, but intermediate level complexity of projects and additional coding concepts. Some additional tools introduced as well.


Advanced  - Level 3 (Grade 3-8) Same description as Levels 1 & 2, but Advanced level complexity of projects and additional coding concepts. More additional tools introduced. 


Expert - Level 4 (Grade 4-8) Final level of the Core EZ Coding Fun series. After completion of these 4 levels students have mastered increasingly critical fundamental coding concepts and have developed high level proficiency in logical computational thinking, problem solving & creative expression. They are now ready to join a Competitive Coding Team to participate in Jr. Hackathon competitions and also take text based coding courses like JavaScript.


Competitive Coding Team (Grade 4-8) Become part of an Ace Coding Team to hone additional visual coding skills and take part in organized team challenges & STEM and Arts coding competitions (Hackathons).



Other Advance Courses

3D Animation, Smart Phone App Development, Javascript & Python programming. Please contact info@codingfun4stem for details.


Each level spans 10 to 12 hours. Laptops & iPADs shared to promote group problem solving & collaboration. Droids, Drones & Bots used only at the end of each level to load the code students have developed.












NVM LF PCR Beg / Inter / Adv Coding Botx MC Mod

Half Day Game Coding, Smart Phone Apps, Drone / Robot Wars - Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

Special Week Long  Half Day Camp for Light Farms / PCR Residents @ National Video Game Museum, Frisco

Cost: $179 (Ages 7-14 years)

iSTEMLabs is hosting a week-long Half Day camp (M-F) for Light Farms residents at National Video Game Museum in Frisco -  June 12-16 (8:30 - 11:30 AM.) Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level Game Coding, Drone Wars / Robotics & Minecraft Modding projects covered.

Bonus: Each participant will receive a Free Museum Ticket and a Sonic The Hedgehog souvenir pin

Cost: $179 (Ages 7-14 years)

(Note: Residents must arrange their own transport to NVM. LF will not provide any bus transport)