2017-18 One Hour Per Week Camps


Camp Focus: Game Coding, Smart Phone Apps, Drone / Robot Wars, Minecraft Coding, 3D Animation – Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced (Ages 7 - 14 years)


Whether you are new to coding or have attended our previous camps, we have over 300 fun, hands on projects to help you advance to the next level in your Game Coding, Smart Phone Apps, Drone Wars / Robotics, Minecraft Modding & 3D Animation projects. Students tested on the first day and placed in the Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced group. Levels require about 15 - 30 hours before passing to the next level. Coding Belts are awarded when a level is passed. Teacher: Student ratio 1:8  (each group has a separate instructor.) All instructors college grads, background checked, CPR certified.

Q: Can absolute Beginners attend? Typing skills?

A: Yes. Beginners start with drag & drop, block based coding. No typing skills required.

Q: Do you group kids by ages?

A: Yes. Kids are placed in 7 - 10 years OR 11 - 14 years age group. Camps have multiple instructors.

Q: What if my child has attended coding / robotics camps before. Do you place them in a different  skil groups?

A: Yes. Campers are assessed and placed in Beginners , Intermediate & Advanced groups and assigned projects at their level. Each group assigned a different instructor. Teacher / Student ratio is 1:8

Q: Can my child repeat the camps?

A: Yes. Campers can repeat upto 6 camps till they have passed out of Advanced. After completing each level, campers earn their next level Coding Belt (White, Yellow, Orange, Green  etc.) Please see Coding Belt requirements in the Course Detail.

Q: Will my child need to bring a laptop or iPad?

A: No. We provide all the laptops, iPads and Robots.

Q: Sibling discounts?

A: Yes. 10% discount on 2nd & 3rd child.


iSTEM Labs Coding Belts

Just like martial arts, we incent kids to excel in learning by earning Coding Belts. A Coding Belt is an iSTEM Labs logo'd snap on wrist band with built in 4 GB flash drive to save their projects. There are 12 colored belt levels from White to Black Belt. White Belt is earned after the first camp. Each subsequent belt requires 20 to 30 hours of camp time and a test. There is no testing fee or belt fee.

Campers who already have a white or yellow belt will advance to the next belt.

Questions? Call Sunny 6462666922 or email sunny@iSTEMLabs.com

HLC STEM Coding Robotx & Game Dsgn -B/I (7-13 yrs)

Harvard /MIT based Creative Coding method will inspire your young GIRL / boy to fall in love with STEM fields, as they master Interactive & FUN Coding projects. No coding or typing skills needed. Kids use SuperEZ, Block-Based coding tools like MIT Scratch, Blockly & PencilCode to design their own cool video games (like Pokemon, Pong, Minecraft), 2D/3D animation w/ music & program Robots for moves, mazes & dance sequences.

We bring in the Robots, iPads & Laptops. Kids placed in Beginner or Intermediate groups, based on age/skill (different instruction.) Repeat students given newer, more complex projects. Team challenges teach kids problem solving & collaboration, creative & critical thinking, debugging & resilience. Studentgain PUBLIC SPEAKING SKILLS BY presenting to the class and parents periodically. (Limited seats)

Cost: $68/mo, Registration $25

Y STEM Coding Robotx & Game Dsgn Beginnr 7-14 yrs

Rolling Enrollments. Join any time. Students assessed and assigned to Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Section class

Languages: MIT Scratch, Blockly, Smart Phone Apps, Robot Coding using Block Coding, Robot Battles, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, Python, Apple Swift, Arduino, Kano, Minecraft Coding, Roblox Coding, VR, AR

Non - Technical - Presentation skills, Team Projects/Collaboration, Team Battles


* Cost: Non Y Members $90/Month  

            Y Members $72/Month

            Register by April 1 to get $72/Month even if you are not a member - good for 2 years

* Initial students will get member rates  continuously as long as they stay registered

* Month to month - no yearly commitment (First month prorated)

Call 646-266-6922 


 Harvard /MIT based Creative Coding method inspires young GIRLZ & Boys to fall in love with STEM fields, as they master Interactive & FUN Coding projects by programming Video Games and Robots. No previous coding or typing needed. Kids use SuperEZ, visual coding tools like MIT Scratch, Blockly, TickleApp & dozen others to design their own cool video games (like Pokemon, Pong, Minecraft), animations w/ music & program Robots for mazes, dance sequences & battles. We bring in the Robots, iPads & Laptops. Core programming concepts like Sequencing, Conditionals, Loops etc. taught via increasingly complex coding projects as students solidify their coding skills. Team challenges teach kids problem solving & collaboration, creative & critical thinking, debugging & resilience. Student project videos emailed periodically. 




Half Day Beginr/Inter/Adv Coding Robotx -6 -14 yrs

Half Day Beginner, Inter, Advanced Coding Robotics Camp: $48 - AGES 6 - 14 yeas (kids grouped by age/skill)

Ever wanted to Code your own video games or Program robots? Whether you are brand new to coding or have some experience in programming, this Half day camp (ages 6 thru 14) will teach you to code at least two beginner or Intermediate level video games  (based on your experience) using MIT Scratch, Blockly and other coding tools. You will also use Google Blockly to Program robots for dance moves and other missions that will teach you new coding skills. We follow Harvard / MIT based Paired Programming method where kids are paired to solve coding problems by sharing laptops, iPads and robots. They will learn core Coding skills like sequencing, problem decomposition, loops, conditional, event based logic, variables, functions and develop their critical, creative and teamwork skills. 

No coding experience needed by Beginners. Intermediate & Advanced level students will be challenged with new projects they have never seen before.

Cost $48

Imagine Academy Enrichment Class

Please register directly via Imagine website here