Game Coding, Smart Phone Apps, Drone / Robot Wars, Minecraft Coding, 3D Animation – Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced (Ages 7 - 14 years)

Whether you are new to coding or have attended our previous camps, we have over 300 fun, hands on projects to help you advance to the next level in your Game Coding, Smart Phone Apps, Drone Wars / Robotics, Minecraft Modding & 3D Animation projects. Students tested on the first day and placed in the Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced group. Levels require about 15 - 30 hours before passing to the next level. Coding Belts are awarded when a level is passed. Teacher: Student ratio 1:8  (each group has a separate instructor.)

Q: Can absolute Beginners attend? Typing skills?

A: Yes. Beginners start with drag & drop, block based coding. No typing skills required.

Q: What if my child has attended coding / robotics camps before. Do you place them in a different group>

A: Yes. Campers are assessed and placed in Beginners , Intermediate & Advanced groups and assigned projects at their level. Each group assigned a different instructor. Teacher / Student ratio is 1:8

Q: Can my child repeat the camps?

A: Yes. Campers can repeat upto 6 camps till they have passed out of Advanced. After completing each level, campers earn their next level Coding Belt (White, Yellow, Orange, Green  etc.) Please see Coding Belt requirements in the Course Detail.

Q: Will my child need to bring a laptop or iPad?

A: No. We provide all the laptops, iPads and Robots. Children are encouraged to pair up on a laptop ot iPad to encourage collaborative problem solving. Campers find this more engaging and fun than working alone. They are welcome to bring their laptop.

Q: Why five, four and three day camps? How are they different?

A: Regardless of the duration of the camps, rest assured that campers will be given projects appropriate to their level. They will just end up doing more projects in a five day camp vs three day camp and advance faster to the next level. No worries, just come back to the camp next week, if you need to continue advancing.


Questions? Call Sunny 6462666922 or email


Class Schedule Start Date Duration Location

Coding Camp @ NVM for Light Farms & PCR Residents Mon - Fri 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM Jun 12, 2017 5 days NVM - Nat'l Videogame Museum, Frisco Register