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Hello, my name is Sunny. My wife & I started iSTEMLabs in late 2015 as an organic outgrowth of our years of work with our young children, their friends and the larger community of young children visiting our home. As a "work from home"  corporate dad and fulltime housewife, we were blessed to have ample time on hand to spend with our children since they were born. We specially had a passion for early childhood wholistic development, focusing on furthering their Cognitive, Social & Emotional Intelligence. Over the next 8 to 10 years my wife & I learned a tremendous amount organically, through trial and error about how to inspire young children to fall in love with wondering and learning. As our two kids and their friends started phasing out of their early childhood, my wife and I felt called to surround ourselves with other young children and share our findings and passion with them. iSTEMLabs was a natural outgrowth of that calling. In the past three years, we feel blessed to have directly touched 3000+ young children and the journey has been beyond rewarding. 

We offer two STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math & Arts) Immersion programs that are available year round. STEMKids Doctor Academy Program leverages the miracle of our human body to teach kids 3 to 5 years about Medicine, Health Care and Healthy Habits. The class meets 35 to 40 minutes per week and is completely hands on with real doctor instruments, models, iPad Medical Simulations and Organ songs & dances. Our progam includes 24 months of topics.

Coding Robotics program teaches kids 6 to 12 years to program their own video games and battle robots. Our four year long curriculum (200+ hours) caters to coders at all levels - Beginners to Advanced. 


Feel free to call Sunny (Founder/Owner) any time at 646-266-6922


STEM CODING & ROBOTICS (Rolling Enrollments during School Year classes  +  SUMMER & Holiday Camps)

  •      During School Year - 1 Hour/Week (Ages 6-12 yrs)
  •      During School Holidays - Several Half Day Camps during Fall, Xmas, Spring Breaks
  •      During Summers - Weeklong Half Day camps either mornings or afternoons available 
  •      For Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced Coders
  •      Incl. Scratch, Blockly, Roblox, Minecraft Coding    
  •      Light Javascript, Python
  •      Code Robots for Battles / Dances
  •      Earn Coding Belts (White to Black)


      Year Long Weekly Class Flyer

      Summer Coding Camps Flyer


      Click here to REGISTER for School Year & Summer & Holday Camps


STEMkids Doctors Academy (Rolling Enrollments 2018-19)

  •      Ages 3-5+ years - 45 Min /Week 
  •      Medical STEM Focus (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
  •      Hands On, Real Doctor Instruments (Safe to use)    
  •      Kids dress in Dr. Coat / Use Real Stethoscope
  •      Explore Life Size Organ Models (Heart/Lung)
  •      Do Virtual Surgery using iPads
  •      Learn Cute Memorable Organ Songs & Dances
  •      High Energy, Fun, Engaging


      Click here for STEMkids Doctor Academy FLYER (more details)


* Our Partners:

  •     National Video Game Museum
  •     Imagine Charter School - McKinney
  •     Pebble Creek Montessori, Leadership Prep School
  •     Frisco/Plano  YMCA, Heritage Learning CVenter
  •     City of Providence Village, City of Savannah
  •     Many other educational & civic organizations




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Contact Us

For info call 646-266-6922 or email sunny@iSTEMLabs.com